Dr. Corey Anton Publishes Critique of Levy’s “Love and Sex with Robots”

Dr. Corey Anton recently published his article titled “The relevance of R.D. Laing to the AI movement and to media ecology more generally: Projection and the feeling of being understood” in the journal of Explorations in Media Ecology.

In Dr. Anton’s own words,

This article is a celebration of Laing, Phillipson and Lee’s Interpersonal Perception and a staunch critique of Levy’s “Love and Sex with Robots”. It explores how relations with other mediate self-understanding and interpersonal interaction. Furthermore, by appropriating relevant insights from Laing and his colleagues and re-contextualizing them within a larger media ecological framework, the article seeks to reveal the deep challenges and complexities faced by those who would engage in ‘interpersonal relationships’ with ‘sociable robots’ and/or ‘artificial intelligences’.

Will robots be equal to humans? Will they be superior to humans? Will they replace or at least be alternatives to human romantic partners? Yes, all of the above, according to Levy. Dr. Anton tackles questions of consciousness and what it means to be human in his critique of Levy’s work. He deconstructs Levy’s arguments and reveals the many contradictions that surface in Levy’s reasoning. Perhaps Levy’s prediction most difficult to come to terms with is that love and sex with robots will be commonplace by 2025. It’s not long before we’ll know if he’s right!

A ringing critique and insightful response, Dr. Anton’s article forces you to dust off levels of thought and consciousness that are usually left untouched. Read the article for yourself, and tell Dr. Anton what you think!

Congratulations, Dr. Anton! We can’t wait to hear what Levy has to say in response.