Confessions of an Advertising and Public Relations Major: Morgan Layne’s Top Five Takeaways

Morgan Layne

Hi, I’m Morgan! This semester I will complete my advertising and public relations degree from Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in public relations. I currently serve as the Vice President of Operations for GrandPR, Grand Valley’s award-winning, student-run, integrated communications firm. We are one of a handful of firms to be nationally affiliated through the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I am also a member of the Grand Valley PRSSA chapter and serve as the communications intern for our very own Advertising and Public Relations Program. 

In reflecting on this journey, I’d like to share five key tips that have been important to my success in our program: 

1. Talk to your professors. In this program, we are surrounded by professors who care so deeply about us as people, not just students –  they are great resources. Ask them questions, go to office hours, and set up a time to just chat. They are not only missing the fun before class conversations like we are but also have some great advice when it comes to future careers. 

2. Lean on your fellow students. In each class, we are surrounded by at least 20 other students. We are all there to learn more about the same topics. Finding people in a class to connect with has been so crucial in my journey. You can support each other through the class and as you launch into your future career. 

3. Get involved. Seeing the abundance of student organizations and clubs at GVSU can be intimidating. I would hear about them and never think I could do it, but now, here I am. Honestly, I wish I would have joined sooner. In these organizations, you get to work with a community of people who have similar interests and goals. This has helped motivate me and given me my community. 

4. Take a step back to be proud. When school, work, internships, and life are moving quickly, it can be hard to see everything you have done. My favorite way to appreciate the work I have accomplished is by printing out my first and current resumes for comparison. Just by looking at these, I can see how far I have come. If you want some more tips on how to be proud of your progress as an undergraduate, check out my last blog for GrandPR.

5. Try new things. This is the best time to find out what you like and do not like. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try a new tactic on a project. You might not know much about it but maybe you grow to live it.

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