Meet Dr. Anthony Spencer

The GVSU School of Communications is delighted to welcome Dr. Anthony Spencer, a new Tenure-Track Faculty Member in the Communication Studies Program.

Dr. Spencer has brought a culturally responsive curriculum to GVSU that will work to directly address pertinent issues within communication and civilization. Most of his academic career has been spent researching in the areas of intercultural and international communication. It was the student-centered approach to instruction that led to him choosing GVSU as his new home.

The courses he is teaching this semester focus on intercultural communication, issues within communication, and nonverbal communication. His classrooms are a conducive environment for students and staff alike to recognize and appreciate diversity while examining the ongoing racism and cultural quandaries in modern society.

Throughout his career, he has focused on various issues, including language, migration, conflict, and media, with an emphasis on Central America. His research led him to explore the United States, Cuba, Peru, France, and Spain. He has also spent time living and working in Peru, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. As a lover of language, he speaks fluent Spanish, conversational Portuguese, intermediate French, and basic German. 

Dr. Spencer has published in various journals such as Language and Intercultural Communication, International Communication Gazette, and Communication Studies. In his recent research, he focuses on how social media outlets have responded to and affected Nicaragua’s current conflicts. Most of his research has been international and focused on different forms of media. As a former news reporter and international education professional, he brings to GVSU his plethora of experience. 

Outside of GVSU, his interests include language, culture, and travel. He is always looking for travel tips and new destinations to explore, so make sure to let him know where he should go after the pandemic!

Since coming to campus, Dr. Spencer has enjoyed the welcoming environment and the kindness exhibited by others at GVSU. “Everyone just wants me to be here and feel welcomed,” Dr. Spencer said. “I am looking forward to meeting new people.”