Jeff Kelly Lowenstein Approved for Large Investigative Journalism Grant

Professor Jeff Kelly Lowenstein and his new international organization, Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ), applied for a 2-year grant from the Open Society Foundations and they were approved. CCIJ is a collective of journalists, photographers, data scientists, faculty, and students from more than 25 countries in 5 continents. CCIJ’s purpose is to carry out ongoing investigations of key global issues. The grant from Open Society will go toward building the organization and supporting the team members’ work.

CCIJ recently became incorporated and received non-profit status in the state of Michigan. When it was an informal organization of journalists, some of the members began investigating corruption in in the international lottery industry. To read more about this project, check out “Gaming the Lottery.” CCIJ’s first major and official project will be a global water investigation; specifically looking into the UN’s guaranteed right to access clean water.

CCIJ presents exciting opportunities for the Grand Valley community, as it will be the first professor-led organization that convenes, leads, and raises money for international investigations into global issues. For students, this presents a unique opportunity, as they will be working with and learning from members of the center who operate in very different contexts and cultures than their own. Students that participate and contribute to the project will also have the chance to have their work promoted all over the world.

Congratulations to Professor Kelly Lowenstein and the Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism! To learn more or see how you can be involved with the center, please contact Professor Jeff Kelly Lowenstein.