Communication Studies Student Featured in Nationally Recognized “It’s On Us” Video

Communication Studies major Jeannine Lane is featured in a nationally recognized video created for It’s On Us, a campaign started in 2014 by the Obama administration to end sexual assault.

Lane’s participation in the campaign started in August 2016. A member of the Tri Sigma sorority, she took part in an August 2016 It’s On Us photoshoot featuring many members of the Grand Valley community.

In January 2017, Lane, who is minoring in Advertising and Public Relations, traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in an It’s On Us discussion featuring then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Lane was soon approached to represent Tri Sigma nationally as part of the It’s On Us’ national Greek Leadership Council, officially launched October 24.

The five-minute video was produced by Video and Media Arts major Lauren Holt for Professor Kim Roberts’ Media II course. Holt was assisted by VMA majors Baylie M. Rajter and David Astudillo, and Skylar Healy, a 2017 Advertising and Public Relations graduate.

According to a post by the non-profit group Civic Nation on, the Greek Leadership Council features 95 partners, 550 campuses, and over 440,000 people committed to, they write, “taking a stand, changing the conversation, and agreeing that it all starts with us.”

“If I could be part of an organization that allows me to make a lasting impression on my sisters and on others, that would be perfect for me,” Lane says in the video. “That’s what drew me to Greek life initially.”

For more information, visit It’s On Us’ website.