Grand Valley Lanthorn staff wins 12 MPA awards

The Grand Valley Lanthorn staff won 12 awards in the 2016 College Better Newspaper Contest sponsored by the Michigan Press Association. Audra Gamble, who was editor in chief and graduated in the fall, won 4 writing awards, the most of any single college journalist in the state. The GV Lanthorn competes in Division I with student newspapers from Central, Eastern and the University of Michigan.

Best Photographer, honorable mention, Emily Frye

Best Writer, honorable mention, Audra Gamble

Feature Story, 1st place, “Fighting through Fear,” Audra Gamble

Feature Story, 2nd place, “Finding Happiness in Heels,” Audra Gamble

Investigative Reporting, 3rd place, “Following the Battle of Valley’s Funds,” Audra Gamble.

Judge comments: “One wonders whether, if not for the push from the student newspaper, anything would have been done with funds collected for charity. The staff deserves credit for not only letting the GVSU community know that funds had not been distributed but also letting those in need know how to apply.”

Front Page Design, 2nd place, layout staff, Chase Hasper, layout editor

News Photo, 2nd place, “Flint Lives Matter,” Kevin Sielaff

News Photo, 3rd place, “Bernie Sanders,” Emily Frye

News Photo, honorable mention, “Trump,” Kevin Sielaff

Sports Feature, 3 rd place, “Junior Nickelback Stepping into Primetime Role for GVSU,” Adam Knorr

Single Advertisement, 1 st place, “Enclave,” Kelsey Kolokowski

Special Advertising Section, 2 nd place, “Housing Guide,” Kelsey Kolokowski