Professor publishes ‘The Chilean Chronicles’

Photo by Jon Lowenstein

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, assistant professor of multimedia journalism at Grand Valley State University published a book titled “The Chilean Chronicles: Moments and Memory Forty Years After The Pinochet Coup.”

The book is a compilation of writings from his 2013 semester as a Fulbright Scholar at Diego Portales University in Santiago.  It covers the eruption of memory before the fortieth anniversary of the coup that overthrew the democratically-elected Allende government.  The book also chronicles Kelly Lowenstein’s experience teaching the nation’s first semester-long Data Journalism class, traveling throughout the country, and the many people he encountered along the way.

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

Poet, professor and human rights activist Marjorie Agosin said the book allows the reader “to explore this history and its people with a deep sense of place and empathy.”

The book can be purchased here.

Kelly Lowenstein read from “The Chilean Chronicles” at a conference about Human Rights in the Atlantic World and Beyond sponsored by Grand Valley State University on Oct. 21.