Multimedia journalism students gain experience in live broadcasting

Visiting Professor James Ford working with student Samantha Schrepferman. Multi-media journalism students had the opportunity to cover a live event Oct. 11.  Photo by Jason Blanks

Students in the multimedia journalism department had the opportunity to cover a live event on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

The students covered a performance given by Samite Mulondo, a Ugandan musician and activist.  Mulondo presented “Lessons of Humanity, What my Grandfather Taught Me”in the Loosemore Auditorium, a discussion that involved musical performance and stories from his experiences.

The students recording the performance spent seven hours on the day of the event setting up and preparing.  They ran a four camera shoot, including three stationary cameras and one hand-held.

Visiting Professor James Ford, who organized the students covering the event said the students handled the recording of the event well and learned a lot.

“It was a great experience for anybody who is interested in getting into any communication field where you may end up running a camera or being involved in a live production,” Ford said.

Samantha Schrepferman, a sophomore multimedia journalism student, had the opportunity to serve as the director during the event.  She said it was challenging to direct one of the cameras to be moving throughout the performance.

“I got to say it was a little more stressful than I thought it would be,” Schrepferman said. “But the experience made me fall in love with what I want to do all over again.”

In the future, Ford said he hopes the department will be able to record and cover more events like this one.

“The experience was tremendous,” Ford said. “We want to try and do this more and more, it’s a great experience that you can’t replicate in a classroom.