Professor to serve as Fulbright reviewer

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, multi-media journalism professor at GVSU, will serve as a regional reviewer for Fulbright Scholars for 2017-2018.

The Fulbright Program is designed to increase understanding between people in the U.S. and other countries.  The program is run by the  Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State and provides grants to scholars and students looking to research, study and teach in over 160 countries.

Kelly Lowenstein served as a peer reviewer for Chile for 2016-2017.  He was also a Fulbright Teacher in South Africa in 1995, a Fulbright Scholar in Chile in 2013 and a Fulbright Specialist in New Zealand in 2015.

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

As a reviewer, Kelly Lowenstein will work with 3 other reviewers to review applications and give recommendations based on the quality of the applications.  He said he enjoys having the opportunity give back to the Fulbright Program which has been very beneficial to him.

“When you participate as a reviewer you learn something that you can then share with your colleagues, like how to write up a proposal,” Kelly Lowenstein said. “It also helps you think about  opportunities that you can share with students, so I think it helps you bring more to the department and to the students that you’re working for.”

Kelly Lowenstein said he hopes that students and recent graduates also take advantage of the opportunities available to them through the Fulbright Program.

“For students who are interested in going overseas, the Fulbright is very established and well-respected program that can be a very exciting way for folks to get overseas, do a project, get a stipend and get to explore that part of the world,” Kelly Lowenstein said.  “It’s not just an opportunity for faculty; there are a lot of opportunities for students or even young graduates.”