Multimedia Journalism Students Cover Kasich Campus Visit

When Republican presidential candidate John Kasich visited the GVSU Allendale campus on February 15, the national media including the Wall Street Journal were in the Kirkhof Center to cover the town hall meeting.

So were students from the Multimedia Journalism program and their associated print and broadcast media outlets.

The student television station, GVTV, teamed up with the Lanthorn, the student newspaper, to provide live coverage.

The station extended its daily televised newscast to cover the event.  Student news

Multimedia Journalism students discussed Kasich's visit before and after his town hall appearance on campus.
Multimedia Journalism students discussed Kasich’s visit before and after his town hall appearance on campus.

anchors Kelly Collins (senior), Meghan McBrady (junior), and Regan Blissett (sophomore) were joined by Audra Gamble (senior), editor-in-chief of the Lanthorn to discuss the overall race and Kasich’s platform.

The technical challenges of the broadcast involved getting the picture and sound from the Grand River Room down to the television station and then out over the GVTV web stream. This was solved by GVTV technical director David Corbat (senior) and Preston Donakowski (senior), who handled the in-studio logistics to get the broadcast on the air.

Students learned a very important lesson: nothing goes as planned in live news coverage. Weather conditions forced Kasich to arrive about twenty minutes later than scheduled, which led to the on-camera hosts having to fill extra time.

“Given the situation, the students did a fantastic job,” said Len O’Kelly, faculty adviser for GVTV.  “Live television never goes smoothly.  One of the news outlets in town lost their feed completely during the event.  It’s crucial for video journalists and technicians to respond calmly under pressure, and our students did exactly that.  This was a great dress rehearsal for what they will see in their careers.”

There are currently 172 students enrolled in the School of Communications Multimedia Journalism combined program, which absorbed students from Journalism and Broadcasting in the fall of 2015.