Professor Penning speaks on AMA panel

Panelists: (From left to right) Tim Penning, Robin Luyme, Sue Krieger, and Derek DeVries

Panelists: (From left to right) Tim Penning, Robin Luymes, Sue Krieger, and Derek DeVries

Last week Public Relations Professor Tim Penning spoke on a panel discussion for an event held by the American Marketing Association of West Michigan (AMAWM). The event was held at the New Vintage Place in Grand Rapids.

The event held by the AMAWM was called, “Public Relations: The Original Content Marketing. There were four public relations professionals on the panel:Tim Penning, Derek DeVries, Sue Krieger, and Robin Luymes. DeVries is a digital strategist at Lambert, Edwards & Associates. He also teaches public relations at GV. DeVries is a Grand Valley alumnus with his B.A. and M.S. in Communications. Krieger is a media relations consultant with Spectrum Health. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in journalism. Lastly, Luymes is an Executive Director of Communications for Davenport University. Luymes has also served two terms on the board of the West Michigan Chapter of PRSA and was WMPRSA President in 2003 and 2010.

Overall, there were about eight questions for the panelists. Each question was discussed by all four panelists, giving their expertise of the topic based on their specific experiences in the PR world. The main conclusions that came out of the panel discussions are: the importance of brand journalism in the PR world, the importance of focusing on publics and catering directly to them, the importance of a marketing plan in developing a website, social media, news related content, and more, and the importance of becoming a thought leader in an industry

Some more takeaways from the public relations professionals are: making content shareable, using LinkedIn to create business to business relationships, connecting with publics, and using environmental scanning to know which mediums to use, when to use them, and what to say.

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