5th Annual James W. Carey Memorial Lecture

Students and Professors, don’t miss out on the 5Th Annual James W. Carey Memorial Lecture. The lecture will be given by Head of the Department of Communication at Western Kentucky University, Dr. Helen Sterk. Sterk has taught communication at many different universities and colleges, including Calvin College, Western Kentucky University and Marquette University. She is currently finishing a book on the communication between a mother and daughter.

For this lecture, Sterk will be speaking about the art of using stories to connect human beings. The title of her lecture is, ‘Story as the Heart of Communication.’

Event Details

Tuesday September 22, 2015   7:00-8:00

DeVos Center, Room 122E (GVSU Downtown Pew Campus)

Remember: This event is a great opportunity for all students to expand their knowledge in communication studies. Additionally, this lecture will count as a LIB 100/201 event.