Film/Video Students Collaborate with Ad/PR Students

The Grand Little Big Band

School of Communications Professors Frank Blossom (Advertising & Public Relations) and Suzanne Zack (Film & Video) challenged their students to combine their skills to create a communications plan and video for West Michigan’s Grand Little Big Band. The students also helped them with their Facebook page and website. Zack explains that both the students and professors learned a lot from the experience.

“While the process was not smooth, and there were many obstacles, most productions are actually not smooth, and the students learned a lot from the obstacles,” said Zack. “As professors, we learned more about how to collaborate across disciplines and the characteristics we will look for in future clients.”

Grand Little Big Band is a multi-generational band comprised of students with just one year of experience playing their instrument, as well as teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.