PR Prof Authors Chapter for Book on Nonprofit PR

Dr. Tim Penning, Advertising & Public Relations Professor, has written a chapter for a recently published book:  Routledge Research in Public Relations: Public Relations in the Nonprofit Sector. His chapter, “PR Capacity on Nonprofit Boards,” gives insight on the value of having PR professionals serve on nonprofit boards.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.11.16 PMPenning’s research reveals that executives of nonprofit organizations do not view having a PR professional serve on a nonprofit board as a priority, but rather as “nice to have.” Most executives in the study claimed that they did not seek out board members with a public relations background. Additionally, Penning’s research showed that nonprofit executives do not have an accurate understanding of public relations as a whole.

“PR Capacity on Nonprofit Boards” informs employees of nonprofits and public relations professionals alike on the importance of having board members with a PR background. It also suggests direction for further research on the topic.

You can read more of Dr. Penning’s writing on his blog, GRPR.