Speech Lab Earns Two National Awards

The Speech Lab won two national awards this past weekend at the National Communication Association conference.
Danielle Leek, Professor of Communication Studies, won the Von Till Award for her work in getting the Speech Lab up and running over the past two years, as well as her continued support of the work at the lab. With new speech labs emerging at universities across the nation each year, the competition for this award was fierce.
Second, Carl Brown, Affiliate Professor of Communication Studies and Associate Director of the Speech lab, earned recognition for a panel on which he spoke. The panel, made up of chapter authors included in an upcoming communication centers book, won the top panel award in the Communication Centers division.
“While we are far from satisfied and more determined than ever to make the GV Speech Lab the best in the nation, we can all now and forever say that the GV Speech Lab is a national award winning organization,” Brown said.