Creative Circus Executive Director Visits GVSU Campus

Yesterday evening in Loosemore Auditorium David Haan, executive director for the Creative Circus, visited campus to talk to students about what the Creative Circus has to offer advertising students.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Creative Circus has a two-year program that will help generate portfolios for students. Haan explained that employers are now asking “What can you do?” The Creative Circus provides students with a place to create real pieces of work that can be shown to employers.

Being creative is a skill that is important to have when attempting to get a job. Haan remarked that being creative isn’t always easy, sometimes it requires risk.

“If you want to succeed you have to stick your neck out,” said Haan.

The Creative Circus offers numerous programs such as copy writing, art direction, graphic design, photography/image, interactive development and interactive design. Haan also noted that the Creative Circus helps students gain a thick skin.

Acquiring a great job isn’t easy. However, the Creative Circus has a 95% placement rate after graduation. The Creative Circus differs from other programs because it allows students to be creative and create tangible works to show employers.

More information about the Creative Circus is available at