Film and Video Professor and Students Create Video for Homeland Security Campaign

When someone talks about cyber security, the last thing that comes to mind is probably dancing hackers. However, when Professor Kim Roberts (Film and Video Production) and some of her students from Grand Valley State University were asked to make a video to represent the State of Michigan for the Department for the Homeland Security’s campaign, dancing hackers were invading many people’s computers in Stop. Think. Connect.

For some students, this video was the first opportunity to make a piece for a professional client. Co- editor and student May Durante said the video helped her learn a lot.

“I learned that the pressure and responsibility of delivering a good product to a client can sometimes be overwhelming,” Durante said. “However, I think it was a great experience and I know that at times, it was that same pressure that drove us to push ourselves and made it possible for us to achieve a great result.”

This video also allowed for students to explore their creativity. Arthur Bowman III, co-editor, said his favorite part in making the video wasn’t exactly what he expected.

“I would say that learning from my mistakes, odd as that sounds. I had the benefit of learning as I go with this piece,” Bowman said. “It was nice that we had the opportunity to experiment.”

Professor Roberts said the video portrays an important message that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“I hope that the video has a positive impact on the overall campaign for the Dept. of Homeland Security,” Roberts said. “It is an important campaign and one that everyone needs to pay attention to. In fact, one day while working at the sound studio, one of the students found out that his email account had been hacked. Talk about irony.”

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