Film and Video students travel to GA Teaching Conference

Junior Film and Video major Travis Blake
Third year Film and Video major, Spanish minor Travis Blake

During the Fall 2013 semester, Professor of Spanish Dr. Natalia Gomez asked her students to complete a final project for their SPA 313 (Latino/a Civilization and Culture) class. The students were allowed to choose from community services, creating a critical analysis blog, or creating a “reality” video of a Latino/a living in the Grand Rapids.

Students were given the opportunity to combine this project with another one of their main fields of study. Film and Video students Travis Blake and Emily Cameron chose to document Raul–a Mexican man who came to the U.S. as a child–and his experiences. Their video was submitted to The University of Georgia Teaching and Learning Conference that will take place in Athens, GA from April 17-18.

“We are attending the conference with her to show the video and describe the benefits of our project in regard to its experiential and interdisciplinary methods,” said Blake. “Experiential, because we got to interact with Raul and learn about his experiences. Interdisciplinary, because the project made us combine our Film majors with our Spanish minors”

Third year Film and Video major Emily Cameron
Third year Film and Video major, Spanish minor Emily Cameron

Dr. Gomez will be discussing the importance of engaging students in a collaborative and interdisciplinary project. The project required students to integrate academic knowledge into practical reality and engage problem-solving strategies.