SoC grad lands dream-job with “The Big Bang Theory”

Catch “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS, Thursdays at 8 p.m.
Catch “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS, Thursdays at 8 p.m.

After graduating from GVSU with a degree in Film and Video from the School of Communications, Jeremy Howe moved to California to begin his career in the film and television industry. He lived in L.A. for 11 years, was married, and had two children before he landed his current job with “The Big Bang Theory.”

It was during a year of unemployment that Howe received an e-mail about a job opening with the Emmy Award winning sitcom. After applying, interviewing, and accepting the job offer, he was quickly promoted to Staff Writer.

Although working for a sitcom was not what Howe had in mind, he says writing on a sitcom is one of the most fun jobs a writer can have. He works with as many as 11 writers at a time and each scene is created through improv comedy. Howe says that working in television gives the writer a lot more power than in film.  In a TV show, the writers can tell the director how to shoot a scene or how to change a performance.

Prior to his position with “The Big Bang Theory,” he worked as a Writer’s Assistant, a job he got through an unpaid internship with “The Young and the Restless.” He landed this first internship through the SoC. He advises students to work hard at any job they have, regardless of it’s perceived importance.

“One of the main reasons I got promoted to Staff Writer here is because I worked very, very hard as a Writer’s Assistant,” Howe said.  “If I wasn’t able to do that job, I wouldn’t have been able to prove I’d be a good as a writer.”

In addition, Howe recommends that students write as much as possible, watch as much as possible, read scripts online, and get their hands on Writing Movies for Fun and Profit by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant and The Hollywood Standard by Christopher Riley.

To learn more about Howe and his every-day work, read MLive‘s article about the writer.