SoC alum to host thesis documentary screening

OBSFormer SoC graduate student, Angela Peavey, will be hosting screenings of her film “Our Beautiful Secret” between October 11 and 17. Celebration Cinema Woodland will screen the film three times a day at 3:00 p.m., 5:05 p.m., and 7:10 p.m.

“Our Beautiful Secret” is the thesis documentary Peavey developed while in graduate school at GVSU. It centers on Jonathan Peavey and his remarkable strength as he overcomes life-threatening obstacles. The story is about a family living a normal live in abnormal circumstances.

“People have told me to separate myself from being Jonathan’s sister while directing and producing this film. I don’t agree,” said Peavey, sister of Jonathan and Director. “Who else could be the best advocate for people living with disabilities than someone who lived right alongside a family member struggling with it?”

In the place of traditional trailers preceding the film, Peavey has opted to show local independent filmmakers’ trailers in its place. Two of these trailers come from SoC Film and Video alumni; Stephanie Choriastis and Kyle Skerbe. The trailer for “Our Beautiful Secret” is available online.

Tickets are $3.99 a piece and can be purchased online or at the ticket counter. In April 2013 the production team held their US Premiere with a sold-out crowd in Grand Rapids.The documentary has been invited to take place in film festivals all over the United States.