Yardsticks competition teams up with Bagger Dave’s

yardsticks1Registration for the 2013 Yardsticks competition is open and well underway. Yardsticks is an advertising competition that allows students from area colleges to design and implement their own campaign for Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burger Tavern. Winners of the competition are awarded internships and the opportunity to produce their work.

College students from all over the state are allowed to compete in Yardsticks. Last year 3 out of the 4 winners were Grand Valley students, two of which were from the SOC.

Grand Valley SoC students are encouraged to work solo or as a team to develop an award winning campaign. This is a great opportunity for students to build their resumes, network with area professionals, receive constructive feedback, and to jumpstart their advertising careers.

Frank Blossom, Affiliate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations in the School of Communications, started the program to give students an opportunity for more interaction with area professionals.

“All of the professionals that judge this competition say they wish there was an opportunity like this when they were in college,” Blossom said. “When they were in college, there weren’t many opportunities to show creativity and interact with professionals outside of the classroom. Most judges say they would’ve killed for a program like Yardsticks.”

yardsticksThis year’s client will be Bagger Dave’s of Grand Rapids. Each participant is provided with a strategy brief and a target audience profile. Registration closes after 50 entries or by October 19. The critiques, judging and award ceremony will be on Wednesday, October 23 at the Ballroom of City Flats,77 Monroe Center. The first round of critiques will begin at 5:30 and doors will open at 7:00 for student presentations and final judging.

“Even if they don’t participate, I highly encourage students to come to Yardsticks and see the work of their peers,” Blossom said. “Just listening to what the judges have to say and seeing what students have created is beneficial.”

Registration information is available on the Yardsticks website.

One thought on “Yardsticks competition teams up with Bagger Dave’s

  • There was an awesome turnout this year! A lot of great ideas and creativity filling the room. I really enjoyed the Bagger _____ idea that won this year. It was a very simple yet smart idea that really worked well for Bagger Dave’s. The art and presentation of the Supron sisters was amazing as well – well done!