Carey Lecture Features Expert on TV and Masculinity

Brent Malin will join GVSU on Tuesday, September 24
Brent Malin will join GVSU on Tuesday, September 24

The third annual James W. Carey Memorial Lecture will host Brent Malin on Tuesday, September 24. The event takes place in the Loosemore Auditorium at 7 pm, followed by a reception in the Hager-Lubbers Exhibition Hall. The reception will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the School of Communications and the 10th anniversary of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Malin is an Associate Professor of Communication, Director of Graduate Studies, and Affiliate Faculty Member in Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. He has written two books, conducted research of historical and contemporary issues, and has taught at four colleges.

He will be discussing Post-Network Manhood: Television, Niche-Marketing, and the Rhetoric of Masculinity. Topics will include cultural and gender issues, media, and communication. Malin’s lecture will explore the impact of early 21st century American television on traditional, hyper-masculine stereotypes in characters such as Tony Soprano, Vic Mackey, and Jack Bauer. Malin will analyze television shows such as The Shield, 24, and Jersey Shore for their connections between hyper-masculine notions and the changing political economy of television.

Valerie Peterson, Associate Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Communications, encourages students to attend the lecture.

“Part of having a healthy college experience is participating in events that require you to think about things that you normally don’t think about,” Peterson said. “Events such as this lecture, encourage you to contemplate matters relevant to your life. These matters include how masculinity is related to the larger cultural, political and technological context.  After all, ‘Gender’ isn’t just a concern for women.”

This scholarly discourse provides a question and answer session following the lecture. In addition, copies of Malin’s book American Masculinity under Clinton: Popular Media and the Nineties Ciris of Masculinity will be available for purchase.

The sponsors of the lecture are the Communication Studies Major of the Grand Valley State University School of Communications, the Institute of General Semantics, and the Women and Gender Studies Program.