School of Communications Students at Student Scholarship Day

Every year GVSU hosts Student Scholarship Day to showcase student research. This year the event is April 10, and two School of Communications students are presenting their scholarship.

Bridgett Vanderhoof (Theatre) will present From Politics to ‘Popular’: Commercialization of Broadway Musicals and How it Affects the Public Sphere at 12:30 in Kirkhof Center 2216. Professor Jim Bell is her faculty mentor.

Here’s her program description:

Wicked became an overnight cultural sensation when it premiered in 2003. The supposed story source was Gregory Maguire’s Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, a piece brimming with political, social, and religious commentary. The purpose of this piece is to examine the differences between the two Wickeds, and to explain why these differences are affecting the theater’s place in the political public sphere, using Jurgen Habermas’ and Alan McKee’s theories as the basis for my argument. 

Then at 5 p.m. in KC 2259  Adam Burl (Communication Studies) wil present The Touchiest Topic in High School: A Textual Analysis of Public High School Policies Regarding Student-to-Student Touch . Professor Danielle Leek is his faculty mentor.

Here’s what he says about his presentation:

Positive experiences with human touch serve a vital role in child and adolescent development. Yet, scholars seldom examine how communication practices contribute to how individuals, including children, experience touch in various contexts. This paper analyzes the way touch is described, articulated, and framed in the student handbooks of public high schools from the state of Michigan. A textual analysis of these texts reveals common themes that shape meanings of touch which extend to broader public discourses about topics such as education, intimacy, and sexuality.