PRSSA Students Visit Chicago PR Offices

At the beginning of February, members of GV PRSSA traveled to Chicago for their annual PR agency visits.  While in Chicago PRSSA visited L.C. Williams and Associates, Finn Partners, Zeno Group and Ketchum.

The first stop was at L.C. Williams and Associates.  LCWA is a full-service PR firm and research agency.  It is one of the top 50 independent PR firms in the country and one of the top six firms in Chicago.  They are also in the top three agencies that specialize in home products.  Some of their clients include: Tiffany & Co., eBay, Shedd Aquarium, and Water Tower Place.  LCWA is a midsized firm with a staff of about 30 individuals.   Students were greeted by GV alumna Stacey Nardozzi and Director of LCWA Timothy Young. Young led the presentation on the company and gave valuable information about obtaining an internship and as well as tips on how to be a successful intern–pay attention to detail, learn from constructive criticism, take initiative and voice your success.

The second agency the students visited was Finn Partners.  Finn Partners is a Ruder Finn Group Company.  Students learned that their managing partners have more than 175 years of combined experience working in the technology, consumer goods, travel/economic development, global affairs, arts, and corporate affairs sectors.  Some of their clients include: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Stub Hub, Sony, North Face, and Whole Foods.

PRSSA student Morgan Fedewa (left) talks with Kate Aherne, HR Coordinator for the Zeno Group.

The third agency students visited was Zeno Group.  They are a division of Edelman Company and were named PRWeek’s best mid-sized agency of the year in 2011 and 2012.  Zeno has five offices in the U.S. and fourteen offices worldwide.  Some of their clients include Craftsman, Pizza Hut, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Office Depot and Gatorade.  PRSSA members learned a lot about the different campaigns and events that they have worked on, including one for Craftsman that was held at Comic-Con and focused on reaching a younger audience.

The final visit of the day was to Ketchum.  Ketchum was named Agency of the Year at the European Excellence Awards held in London.  The company has more than 80 years of experience and specializes in brand marketing, change management, food & nutrition, corporate communications, healthcare and technology.  Some of Ketchum’s clients include: Kleenex, Haagen-Dazs, FedEx and Healthy Choice.

During all of the agency visits, students not only learned about the different companies and their clients, but were also given tips on how to craft the perfect resume, and how to do well in an interview.