Film and Video, Broadcasting students win MAB Awards

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) just announced the 2013 Student Award Winners. Many of the winners included Grand Valley Broadcasting and Film and Video Production students. Much of the student’s work was aired on Grand Valley Television (GVTV), which is available on the university cable system (channel 10).

Len O’Kelly, visiting professor of broadcasting, serves as the faculty advisor for GVTV. He was proud of his students, and their achievements at MAB:

To earn this achievement, you have to have a panel of working professionals examine your work and determine its quality,” said O’Kelly. “These students passed that test. The job market is tough, and adding ‘award-winning producer of content’ to a degree may likely help them as they begin their careers.

Congratulations to the following students:
News Feature/Magazine Program
First Place (Tie): Amy Akers
Honorable Mention: Bobby Nielsen, Steph Weinstein, Kristin Nill    
Sports Play-by-Play
Honorable Mention: Dan Spadafora, Jordan Boze
Talk Show
First Place: Christina Choriatis, Sam Shields

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