Student film wins “Best Michigan-Made Short Film” award

Message Sent,” the 2011 Summer Film Project (SFP) film, won the Audience Award for “Best Michigan-Made Short Film” at Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival.  The film was directed by Professor John Philbin, who has been a part of the SFP since 1998. Philbin has extensive experience in film and video, with roles including narrative filmmaker, editor, producer, director, writer and camera operator, and he has worked in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

This film was shot on 35mm film, which is very expensive, and unusual for students.

Each year Film and Video Production students and faculty, as well as industry professionals, embark on GVSU’s Summer Film Project. Pre-production and filming take place during the summer, while editing and post-production are completed in the fall semester. Post-production is also the time when students prepare the film for its premiere, and enter it into film festivals across the nation.

“Message Sent” had a 25-student crew, and 25 students worked on editing and sound. The premise of this film is that “A vagrant finds a cell phone full of emergency messages and is compelled to find the phone’s rightful owner.”

The SFP has created a wide array of films, including short-films and a feature-length movie. Previous summer films are available on the school’s Vimeo channel.

Congratulations to Professor Philbin and his crew for the success of their 2011 film!