Broadcasting professor and students help FOX 17 on election night

The School of Communication’s students and faculty have been very involved in this year’s presidential election. Broadcasting professor Keith Oppenheim, along with 15 broadcasting students, spent election night at Fox 17, WXMI in Grand Rapids.

GVSU broadcasting students worked with FOX 17 WXMI on election night, 2012.

The station requested the assistance of students to help process the large amount of incoming information, including late breaking results that come to the station through phone reporting and from websites.  Students gathered the results and posted them on the “ticker,” (the lower third of the television broadcast) as well as on the station’s website.

At first, the numbers crept in slowly, but after 9 pm, it was non-stop work for a couple hours until things calmed closer to 11:30,” said Oppenheim. “It was a great way [for students] to take on a multimedia role on an important night.

Three more broadcasting students went to other local news outlets, including Dan Spadafora, who works for Newsradio WOOD. He traveled to Democratic Headquarters in Detroit where he gave live reports on-air throughout the evening.