Photography students travel to broaden education

Every year, Grand Valley’s photography program hosts several field trips to the Art Institute of Chicago to supplement students’ education. During the group’s trip this fall, students were able to view original work in albumen, platinum and silver by 19th century artists such as Nadar, Julia Margaret Cameron and Peter Henry Emerson.

The opportunity to see such work first hand is an essential part of students’ education at Grand Valley,” said Professor Stafford Smith. “We encourage everyone to go at least once, if not many times, on this trip.

Students were able to visit the photo archives at the Art Institute as well as exhibits of the latest work of world-renowned artists.

They also participated in an interactive exhibit at the Cultural Center: patrons could keep the bags if they posed for a picture wearing the bags and then sent it to the artists.
Check out the Photography Program’s website to learn more about the program.