Middle East Studies (MES) Film Festival to show “Distant”

The Middle East Studies (MES) Film Festival begins tonight, and features “Distant.” Film and Video professor Barb Roos and MES professor Jim Goode will introduce the film. Professor Roos will talk about why Turkey’s film industry is currently thriving. During a filmed interview, the film’s director will explain how his personal experiences as a still photographer influenced the form and content of this movie.

Distant” ( also known as “Uzak”) won the 2003 Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. This film may be of special interest to photography students because it covers the life of a Turkish still photographer who works trivial jobs to earn his living.  It is also of interest because the director, Nuri Bilg Ceylan, trained in England as a still photographer before becoming a film director in Turkey. His experiences as a still photographer influenced the film’s style. The title, “Distant” emphasizes the gap between traditional and contemporary life-styles in Turkey.


(Note that the film will be shown in slightly abbreviated form to allow time for the interview.  The full-length DVD will be on reserve at Zumberge for checkout throughout the semester.)

Tuesday, October 9, at 7:00 pm, in the Cook/ Dewitt Auditorium.