“Do More Good” Key Message at Last Night’s SoC HOPP Event

Bill McKendry, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Hanon-McKendry Integrated Brand Connections, gave a speech titled “Do More Good- Non-Profit Branding,” January 31st, 2012 at the Loosemore Auditorium to a packed house. McKendry’s speech is part of a series of events the School of Communications is sponsoring known as “SOC HOPP”: School of Communications, Hear Other Professors and Professionals. The purpose is to provide more interaction among students, faculty and the community on common communication subjects.

McKendry spoke on how a nonprofit needs to develop a strong brand, just as a business does. Branding is about more than a logo. It is about how you run your nonprofit as much as it is about marketing it. “Your brand will happen. It will happen by you, or it will happen to you,” said McKendry. “Nonprofit brands have value, it’s worth investing in- don’t let others define your brand.”

Since 1982, in West Michigan, the nonprofit sector has tripled. “More than ever, people (donors, volunteers, and board members) have increasing options and less time to make choices,” said McKendry. “The amount of choices vs. the amount of time one has grown.”  What’s the next step? “It’s pretty simple. A successful brand- commercial or nonprofit – is one that connects with the aspirations of its audience,” said McKendry. .

To learn more about nonprofit branding read Bill McKendry’s blog “Do More Good.”

During the event GVSU students and faculty tweeted about the event and were actively engaged in the discussion virtually. If you care to join in the conversations, go to Twitter #sochopp hashtag.

Future SoC HOPP events include:

▪                February 20: Danny Gaydou and Paul Keep of the Grand Rapids Press discussing changes in journalism; Loosemore Auditorium 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

▪                March 1: John Truscott discussing political communication. Cook-DeVos Health Science Center, 119 – Hager Auditorium. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.