Film and Video Producation Major Lands Internship at Universal Studios

Amanda Morton, a film and video production major with a business minor, was recently accepted into Universal Studio’s internship program. Last summer she learned that Universal was sending a representative to the Waterfront Film Festival. She had been building her resume for the last couple of years waiting for an opportunity like this to present itself. Over that time, Amanda worked on six film sets including 30 Minutes or Less and Genesis Code. She gained additional experience as an intern and working as a stringer (freelance agent) for Wood TV8.

Amanda said she “jumped at the chance to make an important connection” and drove down to Saugatuck for the panel discussion between various Indy directors and the Universal representative. After the Q & A session, she waited until the crowd thinned and the Universal representative had a chance to breathe. She introduced herself as a film student and told him that he did a nice job handling the challenging questions.  Amanda expressed an interest in moving to L.A and asked for his advice. He handed her his business card, and said he would help her get an internship with Universal.

After months of e-mailing back and forth, Amanda was put in touch with the internship coordinator, and applied for the position. Amanda said, “film studies allowed me to hold an intelligent conversation and my background in business taught me the right way to approach the situation.” She believes the combination of these skills helped her land a paid internship with Universal Studios. Amanda created this opportunity by combining her education, determination and professionalism. The internship will take place during the winter semester, and Amanda will graduate in the spring, after which she will re-locate to L.A.